FRP Grip

Flowgrate Moulded

Flow grate Moulded Grating


Flowgrate open mesh and solid top grating is a cost effective, lightweight solution for Walkways, Platforms, Gullies, Trenches and Mezzanines, offering good chemical resistance together with excellent anti-slip properties. Flowgrate is easy to install and available in a variety of thickness and mesh sizes.

Flowtread Grating

Flowtread is a Pultruded grating system manufactured using ā€˜Iā€™ section load bearing bars mechanically locked and bonded to transverse bars for maximum strength.

Flowtread grating is suitable for wide spans whilst offering a large open area for drainage. 1500mm Clear span for 5kN/m2. Flowtread conforms to BS4592 Part 4 1992 and BS5395 Part 3 1985 and withstands a 5kJ impact.

Phenolic Grating

Phenolic Flowgrate and Flowtread Type PH Gratings provide ultimate performance where Fire Resistance, Low Smoke and Toxicity emissions are critical. Designed to withstand prolonged fire exposure without sustaining structural damage.

US Coastguard ā€“ Level 2 is available for Offshore applications.

With the added advantages of high strength, lightweight, corrosion resistance and anti-slip

Phenolic Grating

Phenolic Grating

Phenolic Grating