Stairtreads are constructed using an open steel grating from the flooring range.

Stairtreads are normally supplied with welded integral end plates, which are drilled to allow for bolting to stair stringers.

Stairtreads are supplied complete with full width nosing bar / sight bar to their leading edge.

Standard Drilled End Plate

Stairtreads are fitted with drilled end plates to allow them to be bolted to the supporting stringer. The drilled hole positions have been standardised across the whole range of treads, however alternative drillings are available on request.

The end plate drilling consists of one fixed and one slotted hole to allow flexibility during installation.

The below sketch shows the standard end plate details.

Note: Tread depth of 40mm and above have 80mm deep end plates with drillings 60mm down from the top of the tread.

All end plates are 5mm thick.

Standard Tread Widths

Standard tread widths are determined by the flooring pitch and are manufactured to the nearest bearing bar.

If your application calls for an alternative width, this can be manufactured to suit however upsizing to the next standard size is usually acceptable as this will simply create a slight over-hang at the back of the stringer.

Maximum Tread Lengths